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Antiques are one of the largest areas of interest on the Internet after travel and computers. And silver antiques is one of the most popular areas of antiques.

So great is the choice of dealers and sources of information that buyers, collectors and investors frequently find it difficult to find quality Websites belonging to reputable dealers.

Dealers also find it difficult to attract potential clients because their Wesbsites do not feature on the first Google results page or those of the other two main search engines, Yahoo and Bing. They thus have virtually no chance of being found or seen.

Even on the first page, unless the Website appears in the number one or number two position they will have only a one in three chance of a collector, buyer, user or investor clicking through to their site. has been specially created to make it possible for reputable dealers to attract new customers. On new customers are only two clicks away from the Web site of any dealer.

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