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Antique Silver Jewellery

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Antique silver jewellery was first created around 6,000 years ago soon after the metal was discovered in 4000 B.C.

Since then silver has played a major role in the development of cultures around the world and its popularity grew as new mines were discovered and more uses for silver were found.

Down the ages silver has maintained its intrinsic value as a sign of wealth and its malleability made it easy to work intricately into beautiful and items of silver jewellery.

The abundance of silver jewellery that has been created throughout history has led to a sizable market for antique silver jewellery today.

Sterling silver is most commonly used for antique silver jewelery, being highly polished, reflective and durable. There are many variations of finishes that can be used for silver jewellery, including rhodium, which appears as a slightly darker version of white gold.

The various finishes have created beautiful and durable pieces of unique jewellery that have survied the ages and are now coveted as antique silver jewellery.

Silver jewellery's allure is due to its affordability and wide range of uses. Silver is typically less expensive than gold or platinum while losing nothing in design or beauty. Its popularity as a metal for jewellery also lies in the fact that the natural beauty of the metal enhances the brilliance of gemstones.

Antique silver jewelry may require more care than other types of jewellery because very few pieces of antique silver jewelry have been made with pure silver. The impurities in silver react with air, resulting in a tarnished effect. To maintain the natural beauty and shine it is important to polish antique silver jewelry.

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