Georg Jensen sterling silver antiques | antique silver jewellery

Georg Jensen sterling silver antiques, antique silver jewellery and silver flatware are among the most popular categories of antique silver sold by the leading antique silver dealers around the world.

This antique silver dealers guide enables buyers and collectors to quickly and easily identify the specialists.


Among the world's leading experts in these silver antiques are the following featured dealers whose expertise is internationally renowned.


Georg Jensen Sterling silver

Over the last five years the bullion price of silver has trebled and today there are stories that rare and precious antique silver objects, including silver jewellery and silver flatware, are being sold for their scrap value. The meltdown price, it has been said, has been producing a better income than the value of the objects.

It will be tragic for silver antiques if this trend continues, or becomes widespread.

Fortunately this is unlikely because market forces would then correct the situation as the increasing scarcity of the rare and precious items will increase their value and thus redress the imbalance. .

In the meantime there is much satisfaction and many benefits to be enjoyed from the wonderful examples of silver antiques.

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